Monday, 18 March 2013

Sunday Grime Mix - All Vinyl.

Been a while since I posted anything on here so I thought I would see if this would increase some page views. Blogging my own stuff. YUH. Anyway, just a quick hours worth of grime from vinyl, soundcloud link below for stream with tracklist and download option available.

Artist - Title

DJ Wire - Last Chance
Sticky - Golly Gosh (Fidgit Remix)
Sticky - Golly Gosh
Virgo - Nasty Time (inst)
Musical Mob - Pulse X
Dexplicit - Pow
Ruff Sqwad - Underground (inst)
Mondie - Straight (Crazy Titch Version)
Sticky - War Dub (Boo)
Jon e Cash - War
Menta - Sounds of the future
Footsie - Prang Man
Mr Fidgit - Unknown
Outlaw Breaks - Transmission
Charmzy - R-Ha
DJ Marsta - Gridlock
Jammer - Jiggy
Wiley - Avalanche
DIzzee Rascal - I Love You (inst)
DJ Wire - Believe Me (DJ Faz Remix)
Footsie - Flipside to Scars Remix
Macabre Unit - Or Else
Rude Kid - The Best
Wiley - Pump Up (inst)

Monday, 10 September 2012

A daytime conversation via Facebook

Today, at work I got a message via Facebook via one of the random friends I have on my account. The opening line drew me straight in so, here is how it went down. Poor guy. Anyway, dont let him add you or anything.

Don Benjamin Morrison
hi sir, i am a banker in ghana and i have a business deal for you. hope you will coperate. thanks

Ray Juss
you want my bank details?
account number and sort code?

Don Benjamin Morrison
there is a dormant account that beers your second name and i need you to clear it for a percentage share

Ray Juss
wow, that is amazing. How much money is in the account?

Don Benjamin Morrison
there is 100,000 Ghana cedis and is about 70, 000 Euros.

Ray Juss
this is amazing, I will be able to feed my children and buy them shoes finally

Don Benjamin Morrison
well that is impressive

Ray Juss
Don, you have changed my life. How can I repay you?

Don Benjamin Morrison
u only need to send me any valid id card so i can procees u as the benefactor

Ray Juss
I will do that, first send me your account number and sort code as I would like to deposit some MONIES into your bank
to say thank you
for all your hard work
I will also need your address, to send you a card my children will make for you

Don Benjamin Morrison
that is not necessary now we are rather going to transact more better business

Ray Juss
but it is, my dead wife would like you to have the gift too. She died last year, this is why I have had much financial problems
she was addicted to doughnuts. Kripsy Kreme ones. It was a long a tough battle
please accept my gift Don.
I just need your account number and sort code

Don Benjamin Morrison
ooh sorry for ur wife

Ray Juss
I am crying
with tears of joy
and sadness
she would like to thank you from the grave
she will visit your house tonight

Don Benjamin Morrison
i dont think my account number is needednow

Ray Juss
as a ghost
send the details Don


Ray Juss
DO it

Don Benjamin Morrison
as a ghost for what in my house

Ray Juss
she will not harm you
she comes in peace
she likes Fufu
please DON
send me your account number and sort code

Don Benjamin Morrison
ghost cant cant visit my house cos is protect by the blood of jesus

Ray Juss
She will come and thank you tonight
you will see Don
I must go
The spirits are calling me
Thank you for the gift of 70,000 euro

Don Benjamin Morrison
you better go and meet those spirit
cos am stronger than all of you

Ray Juss
bless you Don. You have much Fufu power.
Good bye

Monday, 25 June 2012

Off The Record Turns One!!

Off The Record Turns One!

12 months ago in a bar on Upper Street started a small yet quiet revolution. Off The Record was born. A night dedicated to vinyl but not just DJs, people who still bought, collected, found, stumbled upon could come and play those black discs.

Over the year there has been many first timers, new DJs, old DJs have graced the wheels of steel at Wax Jambu. Rare and unheard records were played as the bar staff mixed up some of the best drinks in the World (check the competitions, its true!) Over this time, there was not one lame set. From the early days of Ustreaming around the world to the later sets being recorded and preserved on Mixcloud, each person involved shared a little bit about themselves by the music they played.

While it is a celebration, it will also be the last time Off The Record will appear on a Wednesday evening at Wax Jambu. But fear not! After my well earned break, there will be something new to get excited about. I would like to thank all of the DJs that took part. In this order, almost!


Laze Breaks, Martin Daniels, JJ Mumbles, K15, Rookie Sludat, DJ Nickname, Danny Lowe, Andy Fenn, Lee HEE-MAN Henry, Bensamba, Sunil Chauhan, James Blanco, Richard Walsh, Orsii, Bradley Zero, Peach, Cleo, Matt Baker, Dr Wink Importer / Exporter, Klaus, Laurent Finitoni, Naqwon, Greedy Kid, Will Furtado, Alex Chase, Maharishi HI-FI, Dave Metcalfe, Rie Fujihira, Louis P, Ashley, Si Domone, Vue, Intalex, Filter ‘Power’ Taylor, Sodalicious, Pete Byrne, Joe Pesh, Elliot Davies, Bacary Bamba, Mo Sean, Dickon Storme, Steve James, Robert Morgan, Grace Bassface, Piers, Senior Girls Own, Sonny D, Nijmakesbeats, Ed, Dnbenergy, amar_, Ralph, Lawrence.

Also thanks to Jimi, Will, Sara at Wax Jambu for making it happen and ALLLL of the bar staff for sending me home drunk plenty of times!

Also a massive Thank You to anyone that has popped in for a drink on a Wednesday

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Off The Record - June Listings

June, birthdays, The Euros, Sun, Weddings, returning friends. We all can get caught up in stuff sometimes. Anyway, here is what you have been missing. The listings for the month of June. Off The Record turns ONE so if you have never been and you claim to be my 'friend' I will see you there, WONT I!

June Listings

6th – Dave Metcalfe (Reggae) | Pete Byrne (Rock/Electronica) | amar_ (Electronic)

Summer is knocking on the gates of London and to help it get through passport control with the minimum of fuss we have the Reggae master Dave Metcalfe. He will be warming up for Pete Byrne who will take us on another musical trip. Closing the show will be amar_ who will be brining it up to date with a more up tempo and modern set.

13th – Ralph | Lawrence | Ray Juss (Soul/Motown/Hip Hop/Classics)

There are not many more elusive collectors than Ralph and Lawrence. They showed an interest in playing a while back but after many emails, Facebook messages and meetings I got them to put pen to paper. Digging through found and acquired collections, these enthusiastic guys will get things moving!

20th – K15 | Bensamba (insession) | Nijmakesbeats (Beats and Bootybass)

In life, they say you shouldn’t have favourites. They tell you that everyone is equal. They, are sometimes wrong. The stars have aligned to allow me to pick not only 3 friends, but probably 3 of the best talents playing and collecting music. K15 will no doubt surprise me and everyone else with his selection of tracks. Bensamba aka the DJs choice probably has a load of new things tucked away. (Ill be the train spotter by the turntables for that one). Rounding things off we have the laidback neck snapping master Nijmakesbeats. Playing them slaps until they kick us out!


So here it is, 52 weeks later. The baby turns one. London’s best kept secret where anyone can come and play anything from vinyl has no doubt changed my and a few other people’s lives. It has been a fun and interesting learning experience and I am proud of what has gone on at Wax Jambu every Wednesday. Don’t let me spoil any surprise of who is playing. Want to find out… come a long!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mellow Vibes - New Tracks

As modern life pulls us in each and every direction, time is precious and is thinly spread over many responsibilities. I wish there was more time to spread that time over being creative and leaving things for others to enjoy. Fortunately, the greedy one found some time to create this new jam. Now I am not a fan of write ups for tracks in this modern age as with one click you can find out what it sounds like yourself. But, when I previewed the track standing at Kensington Olympia Station I was lifted away, so much so I almost missed the 19:50 to Milton Keynes. Take a listen, download if you like. Most of all, enjoy.

Vellow Mibes by BrokenHomes V2.0

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Off The Record - May Listings

May Listings

2nd – Dave Metcalfe (Reggae) | Pete Byrne (Rock) | Dickon Storme (Bunker Funk)

As the sun tries to creep from behind the clouds its only right we kick things of with Bar favourite, Dave Metcalfe. Bringing his selection fine selection of Reggae music to compliment the cocktails. To help keep the drinks flowing, Pete Byrne will be taking over the middle set of the evening with his choices of rock and electronica. Returning to the fold we have the elusive Dickon Storme. My messages sent via de-commissioned Navy radios reached him at his bunker where he has been carefully selecting records for his second performance. Expect the old/new genre of ‘Bunker Funk’

9th – Ashley Jno | Oli (Open The Gate)

The word of Off The Record spreads slowly but that’s just how we like it. Tonight we will be entertained by Ashley and Oli. From successful sets at Open The Gate, they will be bringing their electic selections to Wax Jambu. Loads of great music you may never of heard but will recognize. I promise!

16th – alum (Ambient to Zouk)

The mighty alum sound comes back to Off The Record. 3 DJs all with their own tastes and skills rolled into one mighty musical powerhouse. No genre is safe so you are sure to hear something you like and even if you don’t, you can always drink more and then everything will sound great!

23rd – Ray Juss | Senior Girls Own (Splinx and Mindy)

Back on my warm up duties for no doubt the greatest DJ duo since, I don’t know when? I will be providing excellent music to accompany the drinking of the fine cocktails from behind the bar. Once I tag in Senior Girls Own, who knows what sort of greatness will happen? If I told you they finished their set with a 90s rave classic last time, would you believe me? Come and find out for yourself!

30th  – Martin Daniels ( | Si Domone (WOODWORK) | Dnbenergy (Quondam Records)

One for the dancing crew tonight. Kicking things off is the musical mastermind Martin Daniels from playing classic and contemporary hits. The next DJ Si Domone will be picking up the pace and taking you through what he is feeling from the genres of house. Ending the month and evening will be Dnbenergy playing a drum and bass set catered for the surroundings.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Off The Record - April Listings

April, the month of fools and when accountants praise the birth of the Sage and Excel lords. Please dont be offended religious people, they are just accountants. Anyway, lets crack on with what we have going on in the month of April

April Listings

4th – Ray Juss (Mixed 7s) | Senior Girls Own (Ambient to Zouk)

The first week of the April line up restores an excellent line from back in February. Once again I will be starting things of digging into my expensive 10p crates of 7s to set the mood. After, I will be handing the turntables over to Senior Girls own who will take you on a musical journey from A to Z. Hence Ambient to Zouk.

11th – Ed | Rob Morgan (ifthereisahellbelow) | Ray Juss (Soul/Funk/Rock Night)

More members from the team come and play some records this week at Wax Jambu for Off The Record. Starting off we have the darling of Camden Ed who will be jumping back into his DJ role once again. We welcome back Rob Morgan from ifthereisahellbelow to help us discover and un cover new and old music, all of it will be well worth hearing. I will be closing the evenings entertainment with whatever treats I can find in my bag!

18th – Mo Sean | Louis P | Laze Breaks (Breaks/Soul/Funk/BrokenBeats Night)

After some travel problems last booking, we are glad to have Mo Sean back on the bill. A master thrift store digger, his collection has been amassed from the four corners of the earth. Expect to hear breaks that are dying to be sampled. I have also managed to get Louis P back down to play some of his favourite records. With roots in jazz, hip hop and even broken beat it should be a good hour. Last on the evening is the digital champion, Laze Breaks. For someone with such a good record collection, he shouldn’t dismiss it so much. Dusty jazz breaks and 90s soul/hiphop is what I am guessing will come out.

25th – alum (Ambient to Zouk)

Alum are previous guests Grace and Piers who have added a third member, Adam. Not to sound to comic book film trailer, together they are, Alum. The genre classification for these guys is just a loose one because to try to pigeon hole them wouldn’t be fair. They have the full 4 hours to entertain you musically. Will be a treat so come and get involved!