Sunday, 2 October 2011

Off The Record - October Listings

Off The Record - A vinyl only night where DJs OR You get to play vinyl and vinyl only. Every Wednesday at Wax Jambu, Angel.

Come and hear some music you may never of heard before or email me to get involved and show off your own record collection.

We have a MASSIVE line up this October, like battles, dranks and everythang! Here is what's going down in October

October Listings

5th - Ray Juss | Alex Chase | Orsii

Starting the month off with a bang (and potentially a musical knock down) we have none other than Alex Chase joining us. Alex who runs the most excellent (Bill and Ted Voice) One-Handed Music label will be taking part in the very first soundclash/battle at Off The Record. His opponent (and strong favourite) is second time guest Orsii. No stranger to Off The Record and having people trying to label spot her tracks from her last performance. The 'home' advantage could count in her favour. All streamed live! But forget that, come down and hear it with your own ears with a cold one!

12th - Off The Record with Pampero Rum
Maharishi Hi-Fi [MUSICAL FEVER] | Bensamba | Dave Metcalfe

Another massive event in the Off The Record calender. Wax Jambu, the finest cocktail bar in London bar none (yeah I said it!) are involved in London Cocktail Week. Together with Pampero Rum we will be making you late for work on Thursday. Wait. You should book it off now. As part of the night, the cocktail wizards of Wax Jambu are inviting people to bring in an ingredient to be made into a tasty cocktail with Pampero Rum. Now, if you drink dirty dishwater or motor oil on a regular basis, then bring some in. But you'll probably be better off bringing in something sensible! Music on the night will be rum themed with reggae music coming from the Maharishi Hi Fi and Dave Metcalfe. Both first timers at Off The Record. The Latin funk will be coming from your favourite DJs favourite DJ, Mr Bensamba. Open until 1am, get them holiday forms in now!

19th - Rie Fujihira | Louis P | Ashley

Writing these blurbs can be pretty tricky. Like this one. What I can tell you though is all of these people plyaing on the 19th have already come down to Wax Jambu for Off The Record and enjoyed it so much that they want to get involved. Rie, originally from Japan, doesn't have her records with her but will be borrowing some from previous seleta, Cleophas. Louis P and Ashley popped in last month fully armed with records to play. From going through their record collections, I knew I had to get them down to play. Will be some gems from all involved!

26th - Mike Lennon | K15 | Si Domone

Two new comers and one seasoned pro will be wrapping things up in October and should be a good one for the dancing crew. Mike Lennon, who runs Platter Records and works at Prime Distribution makes dubstep primarily will be treating us to a disco re-edit set. Been a while in coming but I am looking forward to this!
K15 was one of the first people to come down and play with the WotNot crew a few months back. A guy with excellent taste in music from his last set and also a fan of Pres T, this should be a varied and eclectic set. In closing, we have loacl lad Si Domone. Si, who runs a residency at CAMP every other month called WOODWORK, will be hitting us from all angles in his selection. Mentions of garage, afrobeat, hip hop and jazz there are sure to be heads nodding and feet a tapping!

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