Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Off The Record - December Listings

As we bring the year of two-thousand and eleven to a close, we bring some new and old faces to the wheels of steel at Wax Jambu for Off The Record. Climaxing with the Off The Record Christmas Blowout featuring 12 DJs for the 12 Days of Christmas. The night will be cray (as they say on the streets) Now let me tell you who is playing

December Listings

7th - DJ Sosume Yufucka | Martin Daniels ( | Bacary Bamba

After a long and arduous legal battle, we have none other than DJ Sosume Yufucka all the way from Willesden gracing the decks. Not one to turn down a Christmas dinner, he has been using what's left of his legal fees to stock up on Christmas hits. If its your office party, you are going to pull tonight. After we have music industry himself. Taking time away from 'driving business' he will be gracing the decks with music acquired from one of the top 4 record companies in the world. Last but no mean least we have the newcomer Bacary Bamba. Following on from a link I received to one of his mixes, I had to put him on. Current music trends mixed with ones you know should close the night well!

21st - Ray Juss | mO'Sean | Ashley

If I said Ratpack, I wouldn't be talking about searching for a Rizla. Hopefully I can find the age old Nat King Cole/Dean Martin/Sammy Davis Jr record I had to listen to through my youth when Christmas came around. I will be playing all the best in crooning and sleigh-bell-selections. mO'Sean, a new addition to the Off The Record family will be playing (in his words) 'Ecclectic, electric and eccentric ,mostly funk based, roots and fusion! 7 inches too....rarified gems and sonic oddities!' Come down and see what he has. On top of that we have Ashley down once again who's collection knows no depth. The origins of samples, back bones of hiphop, male vocals, female vocals, everything. He is on close so expect him to hit the ground running!

28th - Off The Record Christmas Blow Out!

After an excellent 2011 at Wax Jambu, Off The Record will be celebrating Christmas in style! As we all know, there are 12 days of Christmas so for the night we will have no less than 12 DJs playing on the night. Genres will be crossed as if the DJs were one of the Three Kings. Gifts will be left in the form of chocolates, mince pies and goodies. Plus the drink will be flowing like the Rivers of Babylon!

Come and celebrate with us for the best party of 2011!

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