Monday, 2 January 2012

The Tracks of Twenty Eleven

So we reach another year, apparently, the end of the world will happen this year. I couldnt care less about these Mayan cats think. What this post is about is the tracks/music/themes that had a big part of my life through out the last year. They may have come out before 2011 but were important all the same. Also, you all know I listen to a lot of music and I still miss loads of genres but these few youtube links are what stuck out whilst writing this.

Lets get it cracking

Action Bronson - SHIRAZ

After seeing him on a feature with another rapper, I had to find out more. Turns out he is (now) an ex chef turned rapper. Sweet raps about food I can't afford over excellent Tommy Mas beats.

Detroit CYDI - Yeah Bitch
Featuring one of my fave beatmakers in his rap singer group Detroit CYDI. Always had visions of playing this in East London and getting the whole crowd to sing along, maybe next year. Enjoy, Bitch

SebastiAn - Embody
There was a little funk/electro revival going on last year and this was one of the hi - lights. Sebastian was already one of my favourites from out of the ED Banger team (still <3 u Busy P) but this came out of nowhere. Good album too if you like the whole sound. He also proposed to that Royal sister chick via video screen at Lovebox. OOOOOOOOOWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Death Grips - Guillotine (It goes Yah)
What can I say about Death Grips that you cannot make out from the video. One of the best drummers in the world teams up with a 'guy' to produce one of the most out there different albums in all of 2011. The show at the Old Blue Last was a sweaty anger fest.

jonwyane - dat ass
The Wayniac was on my radar from last year but his music was hard to come by. This year saw him start to put out music in a few beat tapes and albums. Next year should be a big year for him I hope. This beat, from the Doodles album kills it. (ignore the drunk walking man)

Lil B - Charlie Sheen
2011 was the year I finally caved into trap beats, swag rap and I guess the leader of it all, Lil B. Another show I caught at the Old Blue Last. Everyone was on stage cooking. Oh, if you know the girl in this video, get her to email me. SWAG WOO COOK

Samiyam - Kitties
Sam Baker released his album on Brainfeeder to much confusion. I think people expected more. Personally, Samiyam can do no wrong in my eyes. Guy is an animal on the 404, this one knocks. Oh yeah, caught him at Plastic People in '11 too. MEOOW

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire ft. Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown, EL-P - The Last Huzzah

If Danny Brown dont make it as a rapper, he should get a job as an A&R. Almost blowing his load on twitter after finding the original video of this song The Muthafuckin eXquire went from zero to hero. The guys got together and made the remix to kill the remix. FYI, there is A LOT of ASS in this video. HUZZAH

I miss Heatmakers. I really do. They have turned to rapping which is awful. Luckily, their sound lives on but in these weird trance pastiches. Made famous by Araab Musik this track is off one of the Trance mixtapes. Works for me.

Lil Z x OtrosCosmosis- I think im flying lotus
Flying Lotus show - Roundhouse, Camden where I lost my coat in the cloakroom for a month. Stood in the crowd shouting this song at people making remixes. When he played it, there was no reaction by the crowd. I think I made a 10 metre circle around me when I went nuts to it. COOKED HARD

Danny Brown - Monopoly
Following up The Hybrid with XXX on Fools Gold records turned Danny into an internet superstar. You can probably guess I like what Danny is doing right now. This was my favourite track from XXX. Includes references to badly seasoned fried chicken and shitting on CDs. Hell yeah

Mono/Poly - Punch The Troll In The Neck
Good to see Charles fully integrated into the Brainfeeder camp now. Another beat maker who will do even better things next year from what I have heard so far. This one kicked it off at the Crooked Tongues party. I was going nuts.(I was playing it)

DA-10 - The Future Is Futureless
The Off The Record night brought me some new friends. Some of these friends own a record label. One of their releases was this gem. Spent months humming the riff to this and got it as soon as it came out. Big up the WotNot music gang

Clams Casino - Illest Alive
Ill be honest, I slept on this dude for a while. He was giving these beats to rappers I weren't really feeling so I just passed them by. One afternoon, I downloaded his free (he gave these away) instrumental beat tape. Put it on in the background and done some work. Next few days I had them going round in my head and wondering where they had come from. On listening again, I realised that ClammyClams was something special. 2012 and even 13 will be the year(s) of Clams Casino

Dexter - Gimme No More
Kutmah is London's premier beat DJ and he had been haunting me with this beat all year. Every time I saw him play I wanted to know who had created this flip. Luckily, Kutmah is a guy and he told me. The search ended in me being £3 poorer but so much richer in my soul. CHOP

Toto - Africa
As previously mentioned, Off The Record started in 2011 and it has been a revelation for me and music discovery. It actually has been loads of things but there is too much to write here. If there was any one tune that sums up Off The Record and the good times we have every Wednesday, it would be this.

Thank you, lets have a great 2012 and see if Danny Brown can make it a hat trick!

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